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Photo of the Month: February 2013 (Bark)

28 Feb

I love how flowers and foliage — and tree trunks and bark — look after it rains. The colors pop, and any beads of water that linger add nice visual interest. I recently walked around our neighborhood just after a rainy spell, and came across this very colorful, wet tree trunk with speckled bark. I’m not certain what kind of tree it is (any clarification on that is welcome), but the mossy green of the bark that remained on the trunk and the contrasting yellow-orange layer underneath really caught my eye.

Update 3-3-13: I think this may be either a Chinese or Lacebark Elm.

Photo of the Month: January 2013 (Salad)

2 Feb

Well, my plan to post an interesting photo at the end of each month has gotten off to a rocky start. With a busy end of the week, life got in the way, and it is clearly no longer January 31.

But setting aside that small detail, my original thinking was this: I have only been taking photographs since last spring, when my children gave me a camera for Mother’s Day. Any nice photos that appear on this blog are mostly the result of luck. So I try to practice when I can, by taking still life photos (great way to practice — nothing moves or gets cold!) and occasionally, some of the photos turn out much better than I expected.

So I thought that I would post one a month, starting in 2013. We’ll pretend this is still January; I’ll try to get my act together and post another one on time at the end of February. And after this, it will be almost all photo and very little “talk.”

This first one is of a salad I was making. The colors looked so nice, that I grabbed the camera and miraculously, the resulting photos looked almost artistic when I viewed them on the computer (one day, I’ll know how to achieve that on purpose). I put this photo in soft focus to heighten the effect.