Recipe: Crackers with Cheddar and Fig

24 Sep

The pairing of sharp cheddar and sweet fig is another match made in gastronomic heaven. This recipe–though it hardly deserves to be called that–is an embarrassingly simple way to bring the two together. Take out a few crackers or crispy flatbreads (or cut a few slices off a baguette), top with a small wedge of cheddar, and add a dollop of fig spread or jam* for a delicious snack. Or, put some of the fig spread in a tiny bowl and place it on a larger cheese board, along with the cheddar.

For a Spanish variation on the theme, pair Manchego cheese with membrillo, a lovely fruit paste made with quince.

*  I can get fig spread at my local store, and now always keep a jar in the fridge; if you make your own spread or jam, even better!

2 Responses to “Recipe: Crackers with Cheddar and Fig”

  1. Leah Stansbury September 25, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    Last December 31st a friend took me to the best cheese store I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a LOT, as there are great ones all over and I seek them out wherever I go). Then and there, I decided NOT to cook something for a New Year’s party that night. I took crackers, bread, many kinds of cheese and various jams, chutneys, spreads and honeys. No one there had ever tried mixing cheese with jam, etc but I had been lucky enough to experience it as an exchange student (in Switzerland, they put Gruyere and jam on bread for breakfast). I think it was a hit. I have no fig spread on hand at present but I’ll rectify that soon. Mmm.


    • perennialpastimes September 28, 2013 at 9:48 am #

      That New Year’s spread sounds delicious. Cheese and fruit are so nice together. When we lived in Australia, we were introduced to cheddar and chutney sandwiches, which were a thing of beauty.


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