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Postcard from Old San Juan

27 Jan

It has been ages since I last wrote, due to a hectic few months. A dinner party this weekend will force me to cook something a little more interesting than the usual fare, and may result in a food-related blog post if the heavens align, granting me enough time and light to take a photo or two. In the meantime, here is a brief look at a brief stop in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a place that truly merits more time than we had. What we had was just enough of a taste to know we would like to go back for a fuller meal, if ever possible. These photos are from the historic, colonial part of town, and looking at them makes us wistful for sunnier, warmer climes….

Patriotic graffiti

Colorful buildings, and a gorgeous sea-side cemetery

View of El Campo del Morro

Cobblestone streets and colorful wall tiles

Street-side mofongo: mashed fried plantains, topped with a ground beef stew

Piraguas: delicious Puerto Rican snow cones

And a fine set of pigeon toes