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A Remembrance of Things Past

21 Mar

At the moment, the wind is biting, the temperature is dropping rapidly, and we are in for a frost tonight. Still, I am on the verge of getting carried away by spring and all the promise it holds — new growth, new surprises waiting to be discovered, and oh-so welcome color. Spring is just on the horizon, I know it. But today is a reminder that we are not quite there yet. It seems a good moment to give a shout out to some of last year’s plants that came through winter and managed to retain a stark splendor even though their color had long faded. These old plants will soon make way for the new, but here is a brief photographic remembrance that will last even after their time has well and truly passed.

Hydrangea Paniculata

Dried Seed Pods, Unidentified Tree

Echinacea (Ruby Giant)