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The Birds and the Bees

22 Jun

I’ve written quite a lot about flora lately, so today it’s all about showcasing some local fauna: a few of the birds and bees (and a bug and a chipmunk) that I have had the pleasure to encounter in the past couple of months.

A cardinal in flight in our backyard…

A robin at Brookside Gardens in an optimistic (but ultimately futile) bid to score twine for its nest; a makeshift bird beach at the US Botanical Garden

A Canada Goose guarding his territory at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens; and a bee coming…

…and going.

And finally, a dragonfly and a chipmunk, each going about their business earlier today at Brookside.

Feathered, Furry, and Ferrous

26 Jun

The other day I very quietly sat on our front stoop overlooking the yard, and within about half an hour discovered our yard was teeming with activity. I also discovered something about the personalities of these visitors:

Blue Jays pick out sunflower seeds from the bird feeder, hold them against the post, and then crack them open with a few pecks.


Cardinals are shy…

Catbirds are not; this one keeps an eye on all activity in and out of our yard.

Woodpeckers fly under the radar; this was the first and only time I’ve seen one in our yard, and of course, it chose the bird feeder with collapsible perches, so it’s likely to be the last time….

Chipmunks run with their tails straight in the air.

And, finally,  sheep make excellent guards; they maintain their vigil in all weather.