This Road Leads to Rome

26 Aug

In four days, this blog and its author are moving to Rome. The logistics involved in making the move happen–selling the house, months of packing, driving Schnauzer 1 and Schnauzer 2 to their wonderful new home in Nebraska, shipping our belongings, leaving our jobs, and saying our farewells on two coasts–have left little time for blog posts of late.

However, I’ll make amends after we arrive in Rome: lots to see, do, taste, and write about there! I’ll focus on the same eclectic mix of topics: food/cooking; plants/gardening (most likely container gardening), and travel-related snippets—albeit with a more Italian/European flavor. And there will undoubtedly be some commentary on the trials and tribulations of living in the Eternal City.

I hope you’ll make the move with me.  A presto!

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