Landscapes from a Moving Car, Part II: California

19 Mar

One nice thing about road trips is that along scenic stretches, a car is a mobile room with a view. But when a long day of driving is on the agenda, it’s hard to stop and admire every lovely landscape. So I put my camera on Sports/Action mode, aim it through the window as we are whizzing by, and hope some of the resulting photos turn out. (Of course, I only do this when I am a passenger, not the driver…).  Here are some shots from a recent road trip from Northern to Southern California, and back.

Old farm buildings near Gilroy

Foggy morning landscape near Gilroy

Mountain landscape with wildflowers near Gilroy

Plowed earth near Monterey                     Mountain and clouds near Grapevine

Red barn building near Castroville

Northern California sunset

2 Responses to “Landscapes from a Moving Car, Part II: California”

  1. queenanndee March 22, 2015 at 11:05 am #

    You could be a professional photographer. Every picture is just perfect.


    • perennialpastimes March 22, 2015 at 2:25 pm #

      Thanks so much — but that is way too kind! For these types of photos, I just aim and shoot, and am happy if a few of them turn out. Most are way too blurry, or I click the shutter just as a tree or road sign or truck blocks the view, or there is too much glare bouncing off the window (and showing up on the resulting photo). It’s a miracle any turn out at all! But when they do, I’m glad to have done that fleeting moment some justice.

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