Postcard from Senegal, Part I

26 May

After two weeks away, it’s amazing what has happened in the garden in my absence–but more about that later. I spent the first leg of my work trip in Senegal. In and amongst all-day meetings, we were able to get out a bit and see Dakar and Goree Island, and to go on a day trip to a farm and wildlife preserve.

It was a lovely trip, the only downside being that I never got a good photograph of any of the delicious things I ate, including  Thiéboudienne (a traditional Senegalese dish made with fish, rice, and stewed vegetables in a rich and flavorful tomato-based sauce) and Poulet Yassa (another favorite, made with chicken in a lemony onion sauce). Since Senegal is on the coast, seafood figures prominently on the menu–with the exception of the Poulet Yassa, I had fish almost every day.

In the early evenings, people gather at key spots on the beach in Dakar to buy fish straight off the small, colorful fishing boats (I took the photo below from a moving car, so it leaves a bit to be desired, but gives an idea of the lively beachside fish market).

Here is another photo of the fishing boats, taken on Gorée Island, a trading post from which slaves were transported; the House of Slaves shows the cells in which the slaves were kept and features a museum as well.


The island is very colorful–boats, walls, and flowers.  I was struck by a blue bench at a small eatery on the island, and a splash of orange bougainvillea against a yellow wall.


One Response to “Postcard from Senegal, Part I”

  1. Gretzel May 28, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    Bellisimas fotos e interesante informacion sobre Senegal.


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