Cheeky Buggers: Squirrels

23 Jun

In this war I wage with squirrels, I have won most battles, aided originally by some chicken wire, but now mostly by my trusty sidekicks: Schnauzer 1 and Schnauzer 2 —  in front of whom we have to spell the word s-q-u-i-r-r-e-l, as saying the word out loud propels them to the back door in hot pursuit. Schnauzer 1 has yet to learn she cannot climb trees, despite 7 years of trying.

But squirrels are intrepid souls. What are a couple of earth-bound dogs when there are bird feeders full of seeds at arms length? Ok, not at arms length, but squirrels are nothing if not optimistic.

Today, I put up a second bird feeder…

… and then waited to see what would happen.  Sure enough, along came one cheeky little bugger:

…who then considered a leap of faith:

He ran across the top of the fence, gauged the distance for a jump (too far), went up the tree near the bird feeder to see if that got him any closer  (no), went down the tree in the hopes that a different direction would have closed the gap  (no), and appeared to give up. Until he realized the birds were knocking seeds onto the ground.  So maybe this battle was a tie.

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