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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

16 Jun

This week’s theme is “Curves.” Though I fight against it, I like straight lines, squares, rectangles, and symmetry in the house and garden–all part of an orderly organizational structure. But linear tidiness often translates into aloofness and unapproachability. Curves are looser, less formal, and more inviting. The key is finding the right balance.

This photo of our wrought-iron fence–which shows curvy, almost mesmerizing circles contained within a rectangular panel–shows that sometimes it is possible to have both allure and order at the same time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

11 Jun

This week’s theme is “Fleeting.” This photo was taken on a windy day in the garden. The Hidcote lavender danced to and fro, evading capture; the moment was fleeting, the result ephemeral.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

13 May

Another photo challenge, and amazingly, I had another photo that might work for this week’s theme: Pattern. This is a close-up of the spiny bark of the Madagascar Palm (pachypodium lamerei), taken at the US Botanic Garden last month. It is not really a palm; it’s in the succulent/cactus family. When you look at the tree from afar, its spines are neatly splayed across the trunk in diagonal rows, forming a diamond-like pattern. But this pattern is best observed from afar–if the 2.5-inch spines don’t already say “keep away,” the fact that all parts of the tree are also poisonous (if ingested) reinforces the message.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

7 May

WordPress, which is the platform that hosts this blog, offers a Weekly Photo Challenge through the Daily Post. Most weeks I don’t have anything quite compatible to offer, but this week the challenge was “From Above.” And coincidentally, I had recently taken a photo from above, of one my Alliums (Purple Sensation) that was just beginning to open. So here is a bird’s-eye view.